The difference between sterile dressing and gauze How often should the medical dressing be replaced


1、 The difference between sterile application and gauze
The difference between sterile application and gauze is that when facing the wound, the gauze is easy to cause adhesion and secondary tear to the wound, while the sterile application rapidly absorbs a large amount of exudate and wound secretion, and continuously replenishes water to the wound while absorbing the wound exudate, so as to keep the wound moist and promote the wound healing. It can also prevent water and bacteria invasion, reduce wound infection, and facilitate patient bathing.
Wound refers to the place where the injury broke, mainly referring to the skin, muscle and mucous membrane of human or other animals. The degree of wound pollution has a great relationship with whether infection will occur in the future, so post-cleaning care is very important.
The sterile application consists of non-woven fabric coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive, absorbent pad and isolation paper. The peel strength of the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape shall not be less than 1N/cm, the holding viscosity shall not be more than 2.5mm, the liquid absorption capacity of the liquid absorption pad shall not be less than 20g/100cm, the cytotoxicity shall not be greater than grade 1, and there shall be no delayed hypersensitivity reaction.
Aseptic application can maintain a moist wound healing environment, accelerate wound healing, and add CMC particles to enhance the ability to absorb exudate, form gel after contact with the wound, protect new tissue from damage, reduce nerve endings stimulation, and reduce pain. From the perspective of beauty, granulation tissue and epithelial tissue grow orderly to reduce the formation of scars.
Therefore, it is safe and convenient for ordinary people to treat wounds with sterile application rather than gauze. Pay attention to the effective size of the product and the size of the wound. Open the package, remove the isolation paper, stick the adhesive tape around the wound, and place the absorbent pad on the wound.

无菌敷贴和纱布的区别 医用敷料贴多久更换一次

2、 How often should the medical dressing be changed
For medical dressings, what is the reasonable time and frequency of changing dressings? How can we use it properly?
In terms of the medical dressing itself, there is no strictly prescribed time of use. How long to use it can be determined according to the patient's condition.
Of course, the better way is to replace or use sterile dressings according to the doctor's advice and requirements.
Normally, it is replaced once every 1-3 days. Some special types of sterile dressings may be replaced once every 4-7 days. The doctor will give a reasonable use time and replacement frequency according to the individual conditions of the patient, such as the healing and size of the wound.
If it is a common patch product, it is recommended to replace it every 12 hours or about once a day. This time is also the use time of a common patch product, and the patch is basically a disposable product. It is recommended to use it within the validity period, and it should be discarded immediately after use, and should not be reused.

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