How many kinds of medical instruments do gauze bandages belong to? Can gauze bandages directly contact wounds


1、 The gauze bandage belongs to several types of medical devices
The gauze bandage belongs to a class of medical devices.
Class I devices refer to medical devices that can ensure their safety and effectiveness through routine management.
Such as most surgical instruments, stethoscope, medical X-ray film, medical X-ray protection device, automatic electrophoresis instrument, medical centrifuge, slicer, dental chair, boiling sterilizer, gauze bandage, elastic bandage, rubber paste, band-aid, cupping device, surgical clothing, surgical cap, mask, urine collection bag, etc.
The second category is medical devices whose safety and effectiveness should be controlled.
Such as thermometer, sphygmomanometer, hearing aid, oxygen generator, condom, acupuncture and moxibustion needle, ECG diagnostic instrument, non-invasive monitoring instrument, optical endoscope, portable ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, full-automatic biochemical analyzer, constant temperature incubator, dental comprehensive treatment instrument, medical absorbent cotton, medical absorbent gauze, etc.
Class III medical devices that are used to implant into human body or support the maintenance of life, have potential danger to human body, and their safety and effectiveness must be strictly controlled.
Such as implantable cardiac pacemaker, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter, patient invasive monitoring system, artificial lens, invasive endoscope, ultrasonic scalpel, color ultrasound imaging equipment, laser surgical equipment, high-frequency electric knife, microwave therapeutic instrument, medical magnetic resonance imaging equipment, x-ray treatment equipment, X-ray machine above 200mA, medical high-energy equipment, artificial heart and lung machine, internal fixation equipment, artificial heart valve, artificial kidney, respiratory anesthesia equipment Disposable sterile syringes, disposable infusion sets, blood transfusion sets, CT equipment, etc.
2、 Can gauze bandage directly contact the wound
The key use of gauze bandage is to bind the wound area, which has the effect of compression and hemostasis. Generally, gauze is sterilized and can be used directly in the wound. Bandage is mainly used to fix or protect the material of the operation or injury area. Because the bandage is not sterilized, it can not be used directly in the wound area, but can be used to bind gauze. We can disinfect the injured area first, then cover the wound area with gauze, then bandage and fix it with bandage, and then tie and fix it. The bandage can also be used for bandage of trauma, varicose veins, orthopedics and other diseases.
In clinical practice, the medical gauze and bandage can directly contact the wound area, and almost all of them are subject to strict sterilization treatment. Patients need not worry about it, and there will be basically no infection or inflammation.
Here, Xiao Bian suggests that before using gauze or bandage to bandage the wound, clean the wound well. If there are impurities or some necrotic tissue, clean the wound first, and then do a good job of disinfection and anti-infection treatment, so as to prevent the progress of healing around the recovery period.
In normal life, you can see that the gauze bandage can be directly used in wound dressing if it is sterilized. If it is not, it can only be used in the wound area after sterilization!

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