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Bull turns the world, 2021 let us move forward firmly!

This year we crossed winter and spring Has witnessed many miracles This year Those who made us Kandumai who feels pessimistic Those in the past The night we thought we couldn't get through Finally, the dawn came Let's move forward firmly in 2021!


[Depth] Collagen dressings belong to high-end medical dressings, with broad market development space in the future

In recent years, with the improvement of medical level, the collagen dressing market has developed rapidly, but as a subdivision category, the proportion of collagen dressing in the medical dressing market is still low, reaching about 5.2% in 2020.


Analysis of the market situation and competitive pattern of China's medical dressing industry The export scale ranks first in the world

In recent years, with the improvement of medical conditions and the improvement of residents' health awareness and consumption level, the medical dressing market in China has grown steadily. In 2019, the market size of medical dressings in China is about 7.312 billion yuan. It is predicted that the market size of medical dressings in China will reach 8.225 billion yuan in 2020. With the growth of the export scale of medical dressings in China, China has become the first exporter of medical dressings in the world. In the ranking of enterprises with export scale, Ogilvy Healthcare, Robust Healthcare and Zhende Healthcare ranked the top three in the industry in terms of export scale in 2017-2019.


How many kinds of medical instruments do gauze bandages belong to? Can gauze bandages directly contact wounds

Gauze bandages are medical supplies used to bandage wounds. Generally speaking, gauze is a strictly sterilized product that directly contacts the wound, while bandages are materials used to fix or protect the surgical or injured parts. Because bandages are not sterilized, they cannot be directly used for wounds, but can be used to bandage gauze. From the classification of medical devices, gauze bandages belong to a class of medical devices.


Is bandage the same as gauze? The difference between bandage and gauze

Is the bandage the same as gauze? Bandage and gauze are medical dressings, but they are different. The gauze is sterile, with different specifications. Select the appropriate size gauze according to the patient's condition and cover it on the wound surface to protect the wound surface. The bandage is not sterile and is mainly used for binding and fixation. In addition to the medical bandage, there is also a sports protective watch band, which has good elasticity and flexibility, and can protect joints during sports.


What are the uses of medical absorbent cotton? What are the manufacturing standards of medical absorbent cotton

Medical absorbent cotton is the main sanitary material used in the medical industry for wound dressing, protection, cleaning and other purposes. It is made of natural high-quality cotton after degreasing, bleaching and drying. With good water absorption, the fiber is soft and long, white and elastic, easy to layer, and free of acid, alkali and other harmful impurities. Medical absorbent cotton can not only stop bleeding and provide hygienic care, but also clean body, skin and other parts