Use of absorbent gauze Difference between absorbent gauze and gauze


1、 Features of degreased gauze
1. There are strict regulations on the production and selection of degreased gauze. In addition to the given cutting size, the safety and practicality should meet the requirements of the pharmacopoeia. Some products also require specific treatment functions.
2. The gauze must be pure, white and odorless, and the dissolved substances should be limited to the specified range when boiling, so as to be non-toxic, pollution-free and non-radioactive, and ensure that it is safe and harmless to human body.
3. Practicality refers to easy absorption of blood and other body fluids, shape retention when wet, soft touch when dry, resistance to various disinfection methods, and easy to use, without opening the thread, pilling, and peeling.

脱脂纱布的用途 脱脂纱布和纱布的区别

2、 Use of degreased gauze
1. First, bandage the wound. Because the medical absorbent gauze has been well treated in materials, its medicinal effect and permeability are quite good. Once there is a scratch or similar wound that needs emergency treatment, the medical absorbent gauze is the best choice. It can be said that the medical absorbent gauze can be regarded as one of the best choices in emergency wound dressing. In this way, you won't have to worry about dressing the wound badly, so you can dress it easily and firmly.
2. The second is filtration. Many people may not think that medical absorbent gauze also has the function of filtration. In terms of filtration, this gauze can filter out very small and useless things. Therefore, after cooking Chinese medicine, if you need to filter, you can use this absorbent gauze. Because of its special material, you can also do a good job in filtration.
3. Finally, some applications in daily life. General medical absorbent gauze can be used to wipe tables, windows, etc. Although it looks a little overqualified, it can completely use the new absorbent gauze. Some medical absorbent gauze can also be used for the second time.
3、 The difference between absorbent gauze and gauze
Both absorbent gauze and gauze belong to cotton fabrics. However, the requirements of absorbent gauze are higher than that of ordinary gauze, because the absorbent gauze is a kind of medical bandage, medicine cloth and other medical supplies after strict disinfection and degreasing treatment, and has higher sanitary requirements.
And gauze is our daily necessities, mainly used for cotton quilt, silk quilt lining and cotton tire. In addition, the production cost is also a little cheaper than the degreased gauze.

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