What are the uses of medical absorbent cotton? What are the manufacturing standards of medical absorbent cotton


1、 Use of medical absorbent cotton
Medical absorbent cotton is a kind of cotton that has been chemically treated. Compared with cotton in daily life, it is easier to absorb liquid and belongs to medical supplies. The medical absorbent cotton can not only stop bleeding, provide hygienic care, but also clean the body. It is a clean, safe and convenient medical article.
It is worth noting that this kind of medical absorbent cotton can only be used once, and should be treated after use. If the package is broken, it cannot be used again, and the unpacked product should be put in a clean, cool and dry place. Because the national requirements for medical absorbent cotton are very strict, there will be sampling inspection in every batch of products. Only when all items are qualified can the product be delivered, otherwise the inspection will continue. In hospitals and families, medical absorbent cotton soaked in 75% alcohol solution can be made into sterile cotton balls for people's daily use, which has a good effect on sterilization and dirt removal.

医用脱脂棉用途有哪些 医用脱脂棉制作标准是什么

 2、 Manufacturing standard of medical absorbent cotton
1. Character
Medical absorbent cotton shall be soft and elastic white fiber, free from stains, stains and foreign matters, odorless and tasteless.
2. Whiteness
The whiteness of medical absorbent cotton shall not be less than 80 degrees.
3. Soluble matter in water
The residue left in 100mL of test solution shall be less than 0.5%.
4. PH
The phenolphthalein indicator added to 100mL of the test solution shall not be pink, and the bromocresol violet indicator added shall not be yellow.
5. Readily oxidizable
Add potassium permanganate to 40mL of the test solution, and the red color of the test solution shall not disappear completely.
6. Water absorption time
The medical absorbent cotton should sink below the liquid level within 10s.
7. Water absorption
The water absorption of each gram of sample shall not be less than 23g.
8. Soluble matter in ether
The residue left in 100mL of test solution shall be less than 0.5%.
9. Fluorescent substance
When observing the medical absorbent cotton under ultraviolet light, only micro-brown-purple fluorescence and a few yellow particles are allowed. Except for a few separated fibers, it should not show strong blue fluorescence.
10. Loss on drying
Take 2g of medical absorbent cotton and dry it to constant weight, and the mass loss shall not be greater than 8.0%.
11. Scorching residue
Take 2g of medical absorbent cotton and dry it to constant weight. The residual residue in the test sample shall not be greater than 0.5%.
12. Surfactant
The surfactant foam in the test solution shall not exceed 2mm.
13. Sterile
The medical absorbent cotton products supplied aseptically should go through the confirmed sterilization process.
Note: GB-18278, GB-18279 and GB-18280 specify the confirmation and process control requirements of the corresponding sterilization process
14. Ethylene oxide residue
If ethylene oxide fire fungus is used for medical absorbent cotton products, the residual amount of ethylene oxide should not be greater than 10mg/kg. The medical absorbent cotton has a high adsorption capacity for ethylene oxide. Since ethylene oxide has a toxic effect on human body, it is not recommended to use ethylene oxide for sterilization.

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